Prof. Victor Parro, PhD in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, specialized in molecular and environmental microbiology. Expertise in the analysis of gene expression in bacteria and exploration of microbial diversity, molecular biomarkers (metaproteomics and lipid forensic), and metabolisms in the shallow and deep subsurface. He leads the multidisciplinary research group Biomolecules in Planetary Exploration, to investigate the presence and preservation of biomolecules in environments of astrobiological interest and to develop antibody microarray-based sensors (LDChip, Life Detector Chip) and the SOLID (Signs Of Life Detector) instrument for in situ search for life in planetary exploration. Principal investigator of multiple national and European projects, co-I and collaborator in several NASA-funded projects, has led and participated in several field campaigns to extreme environments (Rio Tinto, Atacama, High Arctic, Antarctica), and has co-authored more than 120 research articles and co-inventor of 11 patent methods.